About iGoGiG


What Is iGoGiG?

iGoGiG is a Blockchain based platform for businesses and consumers to transact using a more direct approach. Our mission is to be the world leader in easing the connection between consumers and business, easing the process for the generation of business in general. The qualities of both cost and time are improved vastly. Businesses tie their ad spend to leads & revenue, while consumers monetize their word of mouth referral leads.  Our vision will result in a lower cost per customer acquired for the business, which will result in a lower cost of goods and services to the consumers.


How iGoGiG Works?

iGoGiG is a platform where Merchants tie their AD spend to quality leads and revenue.  Users can monetize their Word of Mouth Referrals.  iGoGiG provides protection, peace of mind, transparency and excellence in the services and products offered. We are dedicated to the notion of going above and beyond what is expected in order to deliver the best customers satisfaction in the advertisement industry.


Why iGoGiG?

iGoGiG was created for SMB’s that are priced out of Digital Marketing due to very high cost.  Here are some of the major challenges that SMB’s face with advertising their products and services; Budget is the top marketing challenge that small businesses face.
SMB’s also have a challenge choosing the correct platforms to market with. Right now, the average web user has 5 different social media profiles.
Currently for SMB’s, content creation to target the right demographics is a challenge due to lack of manpower. Another major challenge is keeping up with current technologies. Most often, small businesses say the biggest obstacle to marketing is simply finding time to get the work done.