Getting started with iGoGiG is simple and risk-free:

1. Sign up to gain access to hundreds of businesses, products and services in your area and nationwide.

2. For Influencer: Refer your friends and family to use the application. For each person who signs up you will receive a credit in your wallet to use on products and services or save up to transfer to your bank account or PayPal.

3. For Business: Create a new discount or offer and add it to iGoGiG so that influencer can view them.

Yes. User confidentiality is a core commitment of our trusted services. As stated in our Terms and Conditions, all of your information will remain confidential unless you choose to share it with other businesses or users.

We handle all your information with the utmost discretion.

iGoGiG is a free to use application where influencer can monetize their word of mouth leads. Influencer and businesses can search through the products and services offered without paying a fee. Businesses only pay a nominal fee when they receive a word of mouth lead.

iGoGiG is a fun and easy to use application where you can refer your network to product and services for anything from home repair to wellness services. The best part is that the more you refer your network to iGoGiG , the more you get paid!
Concentrate on referring high-paying products such as Solar panels where you can earn up to $500 per referral.
Make sure you accept all notifications from iGoGiG because when these are enabled you get all of the newest deals and offers first.
When choosing your avatar, choose one that best represents your style. That way, all of your friends and family will know who is referring them.
Use the search bar in the header to search for local deals and products in your area.

You can get your money deposited directly to your PayPal or bank account.

As a business, you are used to getting billed the same amount ever month for marketing services. At iGoGiG , we only bill you when you get a verified lead, then when you make a verified sale. This cuts the marketing expenses for businesses very low. iGoGiG offers discounted prepaid leads, so that you can purchase in bulk and receive a huge discount.
As a influencer, you will NOT be billed to use this application. In fact, iGoGiG will pay you to refer businesses and other people to use the app, as well as helping businesses make sales. Make sure your contact information and banking and/or PayPal information is correct so that there are no delays transferring your money to you.

Influencer will be able to transfer their wallet to a bank account or PayPal. The minimum transfer amount will be $35.00.