• Get Exclusive, Verified Leads
  • Increase Sales
  • Connect More Directly with New and Existing Customers

Increase your sales closing ratio.
Reduce uncertainity in lead generation

Pay For Leads After You Receive Them

iGoGiG understands that the most disadvantageous aspect of digital or online advertising is that you don’t know if your ad spend will result in any leads. We solve this dilemma by providing leads to businesses and then charging for them. This way all businesses will be provided certainty in lead generation and can make better informed decisions that affect the business.

Receive High-Quality Word-of-Mouth Leads

Every business will tell you the best form of advertising is word-of-mouth. Historically, word-of-mouth (WOM) leads result in a sale greater than 80% of the time. All leads provided by the IGoGiG app are exclusive WOM leads. With a close rate of 80%, uncertainty is greatly reduced.

Uncertainty in
Lead Generation
Sell Your Entire
Product List
Exclusive Leads

iGoGiG app incentives consumers (we call them influencers) to refer friends, family members, acquaintances and themselves to businesses providing the goods and services that are in need. Businesses receive exclusive leads from influencers and are given the opportunity to receive a customer for life.

Receive Word-of-Mouth (WOM) Leads

Word-of-Mouth leads close at a rate of 80% or higher which far exceeds any other type of lead. iGoGiG only provides WOM leads, and in doing so, avoids the pitfalls of providing low-quality recycled (shared) leads.

First Lead is Free

When Businesses download the iGoGiG app, not only are you connected to a vast network of influencers, but the first lead is free. This shows the confidence we have in our app.



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